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2013.2 Autocom CDP+ VS Bluetooth Delphi DS150E new VCI

2013.2 Autocom CDP+ VS Bluetooth Delphi DS150E new VCI

Autocom CDP+ and Delphi DS150E new VCI are new diagnostic scanner for card and trucks. Both 2013.2 Autocom CDP+ and Bluetooth Delphi DS150E new VCI support bluetooth and flight recorder function. Which is better?
CDP plus with flight recorder bluetooth autocom cdp 2013 r2
CDP plus with flight recorder bluetooth autocom cdp 2013 r2
Bluetooth Delphi DS150E VCI Tester DS150E Delphi Cars Truck Diag
Bluetooth Delphi DS150E VCI Tester DS150E Delphi Cars Truck Diag

2013.2 Autocom CDP+ is 3 in 1 Auto Com cdp+ Vehicle Diagnostic Tool for trucks (24V) and Cars (12V) with 2013 Release 2 autocom diagnostic software.

2013.2 Autocom CDP+ with LED obd cable works for cars and light vans from 1988 onwards, a total of 47 different brands. For light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses and trailers from 1995 onwards, a total of 37 different brands.

Bluetooth Delphi DS150E new VCI diagnostic testers have unbeatable software with over 27,000 vehicle systems on over 45 vehicle manufacturers, all backed up by OE manufacturing and specailist knowledge in petrol and diesel electronics.

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    п»їLeadership, It's All About The Donut!

    Some years ago, I was a general manager for a large restaurant chain. I and the other general mangers were in a restaurant that had just been newly remodeled. As we were getting ready for the meeting someone brought in a box of those powder-sugar covered donuts. The box was placed on a large round booth table and everyone began to take one. At that moment my boss asked me to speak to him for a moment and discuss a potential candidate for general manager out of the assistant managers available.
    The person in question was competent enough and was fairly productive in all the job codes. He knew how to do schedules, the food orders, sanitation, and staffing. But there was something about him that I did not feel comfortable with as a general manager. He just didn’t have the leadership I felt was necessary for a general manager. My boss kept pressing me for a more suitable answer, because he couldn’t hold someone back without a tangible reason to do so. However, I just couldn’t put my finger on why I did not want him promoted.
    Just then one of the powdered donuts was knocked off the table and we saw that it had hit the brand new carpet and rolled under the table leaving a powder sugar trail. As we watched this unfold one of the other GMs got down on his hands and knees and crawled under the table to get the donut. There was no discussion no thought behind it, he just dropped down and got the donut. Now this guy was no ordinary man. He must have weighed at least 350 and with a 55” waist. I mean he was big. He never seemed to walk right always kind of waddled around, but in spite of that he got he donut without even the slightest hesitation, even though there were others who would have done so much easier than he did. Any one of them would have not hesitated if he had asked one of them to get it.
    It was then that I realized what the problem was that I had with this GM candidate. I exclaimed to my boss that I knew the answer. I told him this guy would not have gotten the donut. He would certainly have asked someone else to do it. If he was alone at the table he would walk back to the kitchen and get a dishwasher to do it if necessary. He very rarely helped the employees with their customers. He simply was not willing to do the things that he asked others to do. Now you may be saying, isn’t a good manager supposed to get others to do things so he can focus on the customers? Yes that is correct, however, in a fast paced restaurant there isn’t always someone to do those things and I always expected my managers to be as involved in the operation as any other employee. If the cooks needed help, I expected them to cook, if the dishwashers needed help, I expected them to wash dishes. The manager’s role in this restaurant was far more than someone walking around carrying keys drinking coffee talking to customers. We expected them to work every job code as needed, not just find someone else to do things that were less desirable. Many times a late night dishwasher would not show up, I washed dishes until I could find a replacement. Was it pleasant, no it wasn’t. But it was necessary.
    After a couple minutes reflection my boss agreed and could not think of a single time this other manager took time to do something that was not very pleasant. And I believe he never got promoted because of his lack of action.
    The story was so powerful that it became a hallmark of our managers’ meetings for the rest of the time I was with the company.
    So what do we learn from the donut. If you are looking to be a leader of people and not just a order giver, pick up the donut. If you want people to follow you, pick up the donut, if you want people to be inspired by your presence, pick up the donut. Humble yourself by doing the little things to be trusted to do the big things.
    The more time you spend working on the little things that help your employees work conditions the more they will do for you. I became so respected for this, I hardly ever failed to find someone to cover a shift of someone calling in sick on my shift. Often times, I would try to fill a call off and the person would ask me who was managing that shift. If it was a manager that wasn’t as respected for helping it was always more difficult. Often my boss would call and ask to send an employee to another restaurant. This was nearly impossible due to the poor leadership in the other stores.
    The key is to be willing to do anything you would need to ask someone else to do. This isn’t always practical but the more you implement it when it is the more people will respond to your leadership, and if you keep in mind the true definition of a leader is someone with followers, you will soon find that others will willingly follow you given the fact that there are few others who are willing to be the kind of person who will get down on their hands and knees and crawl under a table to pick up the DONUT!!!
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    п»їExpose Your Toes With Prettytoes- Make-up For Your Toes

    Do you have unsightly scars or discoloration on your feet or ankles? This can be embarrassing, and with the weather warming up, you want nothing more than to slide on your sandals and let your feet breathe. With the creation of PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover, you can cover-up unsightly discolorations and scars. From peep-toe pumps to platform wedges to flip-flops and gladiator sandals, your feet get a lot of attention in the summer. PrettyToes is a foot concealer that not only covers, but helps fade scars and discoloration. It comes in six shades with a water-base that allows it to last for hours.

    What is PrettyToes?

    PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover was developed by Dr. Nathan Lucas, a Board Certified Podiatrist and Licensed Aesthetician. The purpose of creating this product was to help women rid themselves of the embarrassment as well as the social and psychological stigma they felt when having to expose their toes. The goal of PrettyToes is to ensure that women will no longer have to hide their toes or feel embarrassed to wear open toe shoes and sandals.

    It not only covers unsightly blemishes, but fades unsightly scars and discolorations. It is water resistant and with continual use, fades minor imperfections on your toes. The benefit of PrettyToes is that it contains FDA approved lightening agents that have been shown to contain fade/lighting properties. This product is formulated for the foot and ankle and is not recommended for use on the face or other parts of the body.

    So You Have Corns: Apply PrettyToes

    A corn is a thickened growth of skin that forms on the toes when the bones push against shoes or other toes, creating friction against the skin. Hard corns typically develop on the top of the toe or on the side of the small toe, while soft corns are similar to open sores which develop between the toes. Corns are almost always caused from wearing restrictive shoes that place repeated pressure on the toes. But hammertoes and other toe deformities can be the source of their development as well. PrettyToes can help to cover your unsightly corns.

    Available in six beautiful brown shades, PrettyToes range from the lightest brown to the deepest chocolate. Some find it helpful to blend shades to achieve a better match, while one shade will do for others. First, apply PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover to the entire toe/toes or the area you want to cover using the sponge applicator. The product may initially appear light, but, like all makeup, allow PrettyToes to react with your body chemistry before applying more of the product.

    Next, blend the makeup into your toe or toes. Remove all clear lines of demarcation and blend until you are satisfied with the appearance. PrettyToes is water resistant, making it possible for you to go swimming without the makeup coming off. When you are ready to remove PrettyToes, use a good makeup remover.

    PrettyToes is an amazing water-resistant concealer made especially for your toes and feet that will help you get your toes summer ready. Contact Dr. Nathan Lucas, your podiatrist in Memphis, TN, for further consultation and for more information on how PrettyToes can help you gain the confidence you need to show off your feet this summer.

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    п»їThe Winning Streak Continues and Stock Trading Tips

    India's benchmark index evidence 2014 closing high on Wednesday, ahead for a third uninterrupted session as drug makers rallied on cheerfulness about their quarterly earnings. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex closes at 21338 were rose by 87 points or raise 0.41 percent. Bse Mid cap Index gained by 0.20 percent and the Bse Small Cap Index rose by 0.28 percent on yesterday day trade.

    Sensex Major Resistance on Upside at 21420-21500-21582

    Sensex Major Support on Downside at 21215-21091-21010

    Trend Deciding Level at 21296

    Nifty Index Major Resistance on Upside at 6439-6537-6635

    Nifty Index Major Support on Downside at 6154-5967-5869

    Trend Deciding Level at 6252

    Major Headlines

    Finolex Cables wins order worth Rs 200 cr

    Alstom T&D to supply transformer package for RIL's Jamnagar refinery

    Torrent Pharma up 12% on strong Q3 numbers

    Bank of India Q3 results on Jan 30, 2014

    Punjab National Bank Q3 results on Jan 31, 2014

    TV18 Broadcast Completion of Acquisition of ETV Channel

    Bharti Airtel is likely to split its Africa tower business sale: Sources

    Suzlon to list REpower in London Stock Exchange by August 2014: Source

    HDFC Q3 Net Profit at Rs 1278 Cr versus Rs 1140.1 Cr, YoY, Total Income at Rs 6,020 Cr Vs Rs 5,242 Cr

    Indian Indices

    The Nse Nifty Index closed in the positive note yesterday, were up by 25 points and closes at 6338. In excess of the next couple of days it is expected to trend is up till 6415. In this period the key support will be at 6300 and resistance will be at 6350.

    Nifty has taken support approximately the previous swings low and on track forming higher tops and higher bottoms on the daily chart.

    In the daily chart the index is trading above the Twenty-Daily moving averages (DMA) and the Forty-DMA, ie 6257 and 6225 correspondingly. The momentum pointer is trading in optimistic mode.

    In the hourly chart, the Nse Nifty is trading above the Twenty-hourly moving average (HMA) and the Forty-HMA, ie 6311 and 6300 correspondingly, which are vital intra-day levels. The hourly impetus indicator encompass turned positive. The market breadth was positive mode yesterday with 747 advances and677 declines on the National Stock Exchange.

    Nifty Future Major Resistance on Upside at 6377-6409-6440

    Nifty Future Major Support on Downside is at 6303-6261-6229

    Trend Deciding Level at 6335

    Bank Nifty Major Resistance on Upside at 11271-11349-11427

    Bank Nifty Major Support on Downside at 11109-11025-10947

    Trend Deciding Level is at 11187

    5 Daily Moving Average @ 6307

    50 Daily Moving Average @ 6204

    200 Daily Moving Average @ 5943

    5 Days Relative Strength Index @ 69 and 14 Days Relative Strength Index @ 59 INDICATES NIFTY PLACED IN TRADING ZONE, WITH BULLISH MOMENT.


    Gold Trading Around 1250-1240

    US Dollar Index Trading Around 80-81.20

    NYMEX Crude Trading Below 95-96.02

    Dow Future Trading slipped 27 points on Wednesday Trade

    Neutral Global Trend Seen

    Major Events for Day Trading

    A-Group Results- Dish TV India, Indian Bank, Cairn India, Amara Raja Batteries, Bharti Infratel and L&T Fin. Holdings.
    Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Technical Analyst and Founder of Charanwings Advisory Services providing trading advisory services in Equity, Derivatives and Commodity. He provides advisory services to large number of retail as well as Institutional Investors and traders and His advisory services giving back support to various broking houses and product support in Stock Futures, Commodity Tips to Dalal Street Investment Journal (dsij.in) since May 2012. He is also having good command in elliot wave theory his articles have also been published in various financial websites and he is also contributing daily news letter on equity market, which were published in Indian notes website. He also made a guest appearance in various workshops which were conducted on stock market awareness

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