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How many you know about V-checker

How many you know about V-checker

Maybe you ever heard of V-checker,see friends use V-checker,even buy V-checker yourself.How many you know about V-checker? Where is its headquarter? What are the main products? How many Series it have?

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Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, V-checker is a high technology company which specializes in development and manufacture of auto testing and diagnostic equipment and tools. The company has a series of V-checker branded products, which apply multiple cutting-edge technology from the ECU communication decoding, CAN BUS Automotive LAN to the industrial control system etc.

The main products provide by V-checker are as below
V100 Series
V200 Series
V300 Series
V400 Series
V500 Series
A300 Series
A500 Series
T700 Series

V100-V500 Series is mainly used to troubleshoot engine system and also can diagnostic some vehicle’s chassis and attached electronic devices.

V-Checker V302 Vehicle fault code scan tool with LCD ScreenV-CHECKER V202 VAG CAN BUS Vehicle Fault Code SCANNER

A300,A500 Series is a multi-function trip computer which helps users to quickly access to vehicle trouble code information and vehicle status.

T700 circuit tester integrates functions of electricity test pencil, automotive multimeter and oscilloscope.


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