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How To Get OBD2Repair Product Update Service

How To Get OBD2Repair Product Update Service

More and more vehicles diagnostic tools have update version weekly, monthly, yearly as more and more factories concentrate on vehicles diagnostic tools update, it is better for customers to get the latest version vehicles diagnostic tools. Then there comes the problems, how can customers get product update service? How can customers know when there is product update version available?

Here OBD2Repair would like to give you the answers.

Step 1, you need know how to order the products you need, for this problem, you can read "How To Place Order"

Step 2, when you finish order, you will see your order number, below it you can see " Please notify me of updates to these products" , click it, then click "Update"

Step 3, If you want to be up to date on all product changes, select "Global Product Notifications" ( to this step, you need finish step2 first ), then click "Update"

Step 4, if you want to remove a product notification, clear that product's checkbox and click " Update"

For most vehicles diagnostic tools, OBD2Repair provide one year free update, and for VIP Customers is longer.

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