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How to Solve BMW Diagnostic Software Error “Programming is not

How to Solve BMW Diagnostic Software BMW Ista Software Error  “Programming is not possible”

BMW diagnostic software BMW Ista Software work for BMW ICOM A1/A2/NEXT.BMW software BMW ista p newly update to v2018.3 version and support programming offline.OBD2repair.com share you how to solve bmw diagnostic software error “Programming is not possible”.

V2018.3 BMW Diagnostic Software BMW ISTA for BMW iCOM A/A2/NEXT

Here lists possible solutions from users to help those with error “Programming is not possible” when using BMW ISTA+.

Sw version: Ista+ 4.10.30
Hw: Enet cable

Error message: I get message after reading all ECU’s
“Programming is not possible”
If I click this message away I can just continue.

I have: bin, binx64, host, hostx64
But which files/maps must be located in map PSdZ?


Solution 1 of BMW Diagnostic Software Error  “Programming is not possible”:

Try it with the BLP data so the folder “data” under C / Rheingold / PSdZ / data ..
Of course, in the Reg also specify that the data is available but still as you have made everything on “false” ..


you unpack the BLP under C / Rheingold / PSdZ / and you get the folder “data” ..
So C / Rheingold / PSdZ / data ..


“Product Version” = “”
“Main Product Version” = “4.10”
“Data version” = “10/04/31”
“DataVersion_en-GB” “04/10/31”
“Logistic Base Version” “10/04/30”
“SWIData” = “04/10/30”

“BMW.Rheingold.Programming.ExpertMode” “True”
“BMW.Rheingold.Programming.Enabled” = “True”
“BMW.Rheingold.Programming.PsdzDataPath” = “.. .. .. PSdZ data_swi”


If it doesn’t work, try the following solution. It works for someone in earlier version.


Solution 2 of BMW Diagnostic Software Error  “Programming is not possible”:

In earlier versions this worked:

Have not tried on latest.

P.S. BLP must be installed normally into data folder. No need to create any empty folders.


Still had psdz path set to data_swi. You must adjust it to be data instead of data_swi when no sdp installed. Then it should not complain and work. BLP data MUST be installed in all cases.


Solution 3 of BMW Diagnostic Software Error  “Programming is not possible”

Create empty folders


Working registry

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Rheingold location
Directory of c:RheingoldPSdZ

06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> .
06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> ..
29-Mar-18 19:35 <DIR> bin
29-Mar-18 19:35 <DIR> binx64
06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> data
16-Mar-18 09:25 <DIR> data_swi
29-Mar-18 19:35 <DIR> host
29-Mar-18 19:35 <DIR> hostx64

Directory of c:RheingoldPSdZdata_swi

16-Mar-18 09:25 <DIR> .
16-Mar-18 09:25 <DIR> ..
16-Mar-18 09:52 <DIR> psdzdata

Lite SW
Directory of c:RheingoldPSdZdata

06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> .
06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> ..
06-Apr-18 22:13 <DIR> psdzdata
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