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Instructions of how to use Autoboss V30 Scanner

Instructions of how to use Autoboss V30 Scanner

Autoboss V30 Auto Scanner is obd2repair Engine Diagnostic Machines. Autoboss V30 Scanner can do electronic diagnostics in one simple and affordable unit. Autoboss V30 system covers the full range of vehicle model for European Cars, Asian Cars, American Cars, Chinese Cars, OBDII Cars.

Autoboss V30 Auto Scanner Autoboss V30 Scanner

Today, OBD2Repair will share with you how to use Autoboss V30 Scanner

Insert your AutoBoss V30 diagnostic machine into the your vehicle's data link connector. For most vehicles, this 16 pin-receiving outlet can be found in the leg space on the driver's side of the vehicle. It will either be under the steering column or to the left or right of the steering column.

Switch the AutoBoss V30 diagnostic machine on. whereas some of the more simpler AutoBoss V30 code readers may need to have the power button pushed.

Turn your vehicle's electrical system on. Doing this depends on the brand and type of  AutoBoss V30 OBD-II scanner. Some will need to have the engine running.

Issue a retrieval command. How to do this also depends on the specific device you own. Button locations do vary and some scanners use a manu system. Also, AutoBoss V30 scanners are preset to automatically pull codes from a vehicle's computer, once a data stream is sensed. For the exact instructions on how to do this, consult the manual of the device you own.

Look at the codes on the AutoBoss V30's screen. Often, they will be differentiated by their status in the vehicle's computer. Some codes will be labeled as "faults" or "trouble." This means the codes have happened quite frequently, and the system has activated you vehicles service engine soon light. Other codes will be labeled as "pending." These are still recorded malfunction, but they have occurred a little less frequently than fault or trouble codes. Pending codes do not active a vehicle's service engine soon light.

Look at the first character in the AutoBoss V30 OBD-II codes on the screen. This letter will tell you where to look for the problems. "P" stands for "powertrain," and the codes correspond with problems in the engine. "C" stands for "Chassis" and the codes correspond with issues in the electrical system. "B" stands for "Body" and correspond with mechanical issues not associated with the engine. "U" stands for network communication

Look on AutoBoss V30 scanner for something akin to "live data." Simpler code readers may not have this function. You can shift out of code reading mode and obtain readings from your vehicle's many sensors. This way, you can find outoil pressure and engine revolutions per minute. If your scanner has this feature, it quickens the troubleshooting process. Many of the AutoBoss V30 OBD-II codes correspond with specific engine sensors. If you have only a simpler code reader, you will have to check these sensors independently, usually with a continuity tester and a volt meter.

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