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Lexia-3-get away from Citroen Peugeot Fault Code

 Lexia-3-get away from Citroen Peugeot Fault Code


Today,when i try to check my Citroen fault code,a strange thing happened:all fault code missing!


How magical! I think twice about what I did bring me such good luck.


Suddenly my eyes stopped at Lexia-3.


Haha,I find My Mascot-Lexia 3!


Last week,my car appear fault code,which made me sad.A friend told me this problem can be easily solved,just need an automotive code reader named lexia 3,and he suggested me to buy from OBD2Repair.com as he often buy car repair tool from it.


I did as per what he said,what happened next sure you know.




OBD2Repair would like to tell you 6 functions about lexia-3 as below

Lexia-3 lexia3 Citroen Peugeot Car Diagnostic tools

1.Fault code clear:

Firstly,lexia-3 read all stored and pending fault codes with complete description (e.g. "Rail pressure - too low pressure").

Secondly Program report printing or copy to clipboard.

Lastly clears all stored fault codes and other diagnostic information



2.Information analysis:

Lexia-3 show complete identification of control unit, e.g. part number, software/hardware version, manufacturer etc.



3.Auto-scan (complete car scan/test)

Discover all ECUs (electronic control units) installed in car and reads all diagnostic fault codes.



4.Measured Values

Program show live Data like Engine Speed, Battery voltage, Oxygen Sensor, Coolant Temperature, etc. Values can be displayed in graph, 9 values at once, or full listing (all measured values). Logging to file is also supported, which allows offline analysis.



5.Actuator test

Actuator test activates particular actuator (e.g. turn on fuel pump, lock/unlock wheel, lock/unlock doors, cut off fuel, etc..)




Perform reset or programming procedures after car repair is done, or even configuration after replacing broken Control Unit.


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