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Top 10 vehicle diagnostic scanner for DIY

Top 10 vehicle diagnostic scanner for DIY

Know little about your vehicle? Not understand what OBD2 DTC' code try to tell you about the problem of your vehicle? Just try Top 10 vehicle diagnostic scanner for DIY.

Your vehicle can tell you many OBD-ii Codes, you just need some vehicle diagnostic scanner to read and repair these OBD-II Trouble Codes, and to understand what OBD2 DTC' code saying.

Here OBD2Repair list Top 10 vehicle diagnostic scanner for DIY

No. 1: VAS 5054A with crack VW ODIS software
VIP Order crack vcds 12.10+5054a vas odis 2.0 diagnostic program
VIP Order crack vcds 12.10+5054a vas odis 2.0 diagnostic program

Recommand Reason: Vag VW ODIS System Core Advantage --- Realizing higher quality and lower cost on repair through high-efficiency diagnosis process!

No. 2: Autocom CDP

VIP Order 2013 Auto CDP with all connectors for cars trucks

Recommand Reason: New CDP for Cars Trucks Generic, with 2013 release 1 delphi software, with Flight Recorder and Real time function.

No. 3: Launch X431 IV

Original Launch X431 IV Scanner X-431 IV Auto Scanner

Recommand Reason: Original X-431 Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool, Free update via internet, Support 12v cars and 24v trucks.

No. 4: Super mercedes Star C3

A Quality Star Diagnose Compact3 MB Star Full AutoLink Blue Star

Recommand Reason: Inside PCB is much better than normal Star C3, realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star 2000, can enter all the Benz cars & trucks.


For BMW ICOM A B C ICOM ISID ISIS diagnosis program for BMW

Recommand Reason: Support programming, diagnosing and coding, have full system replace B-M-W GT1, OPS, OPPS diagnostic tool.

No. 6: Super Ford VCM IDS

Ford IDS VCM OBD Scan Tool Ford VCM IDS scanner Super Ford VCM

Recommand Reason: Have a Real tek wan lan adapter in usb and can do ECU programming, inside PCB Design is same with the original.

No. 7: Vetronix GM Tech 2

Vetronix Tech 2 with Candi TIS2000 GM Tech2 with extra card

Recommand Reason: Professional diagnose system for GM, Opel, SAAB, Isuzu, Suzuki, Holden.

No. 8: Renault CAN Clip

A Quality Renault CAN Clip Reno can Clip Scanner Clip Renault

Recommand Reason: Can do programming, inside PCB is same as original

No. 9: Nissan Consult 3

Consult III Nissan Diagnostic Interface Nissan Consult 3 Scanner

Recommand Reason: Can realize the function of VI model, equipped with various function including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system or data recorder.



Recommand Reason: Work with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle, DICE can diagnostic and troubleshoot the vehicle and download software via communication

Top 10 vehicle diagnostic scanner, help you from DIY change to Professional technicians!

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