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Why to Choose SD Connect MB Star C4 Xentry Mercedes Software DTS

Why to Choose SD Connect MB Star C4 Xentry Mercedes Software DTS Monaco?

V2018.5 Xentry mercedes software of SD Connect MB Star C4 not only support programming online with online dealer account, but also support programming offline with DTS Monaco. Some customer know little about the xentry Mercedes software DTS Monaco,Bellow,OBD2repair share you why to choose the DTS Monaco.


Star Diagnosis C4 2018.5 Xentry Das DTS Monaco Software Showing:

DTS Monaco

DTS Monaco

Why to Choose SD Connect MB Star C4 Xentry Mercedes Software DTS Monaco?

1.Areas of Application
Development of diagnostic and control functions for ECUs
Function test and validation
Integration and system test
Preparation of test sequences for Manufacturing and Service
Analysis of returns and Quality Assurance
2.Flexibly Adaptable to the Relevant Task
DTS Monaco is part of the Diagnostic Tool Set product family and is based on the DTS Base System. Monaco stands for Modular Analyzer for Vehicle Communication. A clearly laid out start page enables simple and fast access to the functions required most frequently. The actual workspace is divided into two: one area with a fixed layout and one with layouts that you can toggle between. A status display below shows communication server messages. The various functions are realized using special, configurable interface elements. These “HMI Controls” can be arranged freely in the layouts in configuration mode and comprehensively configured.

3.Early Detection of Problems and Errors
In execution mode, a configured workspace can be “started”. In doing so individual functions can be started automatically and communication can be established in advance if so required. Self-generated test sequences enable both simple and very complex function tests. This makes it possible to detect, and remedy, communication problems and function errors at an early stage. Communication data and test results can be documented in entirety in the process.

4.Fast Results

For typical use scenarios predefined templates including an universal database for the OBD self-diagnosis as well as various protocol templates (WWH-OBD, J1939-73 among others) are supplied. In Demonstration mode, all functions can be tested, even without an interface and a license, using a detailed example including simulation. Furthermore, the tool has a completely integrated OTX runtime for running complex test sequences in accordance with ISO 13209. An authoring tool for creating such OTX sequences can be started directly from DTS Monaco.

What’s the difference between DTS-monaco and Vediamo?


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